London Horror Tours

London Horror Tours – We have many tours to choose from please look carefully at all of them. Groups of five or more only for bookings. We can accommodate requests please allow three days for bookings. We can arrange a booking for later in the evening.

We have several regular tours and several tours only for booking David girt is currently working with us.

London Horrour Tours was founded in 2002 (11 years ago) and has always been at Tower Hill.

Dr jack has previously done private jack the ripper walks in 1982.

Busses for tower hill and bakers st. 15, 25, 205, 27, 25 274, 205.

For Highgate 43,134,263. Trains northern line Highgate, baker st and tower hill circle lane, district line.


Dr Jack: 07722247660

David Girt tour guid: 07890966664

Claire Duffey PA to Dr Jack: 07960664244